Jim and Ryan Moss aren't just contractors working on Anna Maria Island, they have deep family ties to the island and are active members in the small island community in which they both reside. 

In 1921, Elizabeth Moss (Jim's mother) traveled by ferry for her first visit to Anna Maria Island. In 1943, her family bought a house at 101 Willow Ave. In 1954, Elizabeth moved to Anna Maria Island full time to teach as one of the first teachers at the new Anna Maria Island Elementary school on Gulf drive. That's where she met Gene Moss, who was also a teacher at the Island school (the lobby is named after him in dedication to his volunteering and support). In 1958, Elizabeth and Gene became the proud parents of twin boys, Ed (Ryan's father) and Jim.  Elizabeth always told stories of how 'busy' the boys were. She once told a story that she had to use a harness to walk the boys. When they walked down Pine, the owner of the general store would lock his doors until they had passed.  
Elizabeth and Gene Moss were models of active citizens and consistently demonstrated the importance of being part of the island community to their twin boys. Gene Moss was a founding member of the Island Community Center and long time member of the Anna Maria Island Rotary Club. Elizabeth Moss was a charter member of the Anna Maria Historical Society. Elizabeth and Gene were recognized as Anna Maria Island Citizens of the Year in 2003 and as the Sun's Persons of the Year in 2004.